Used Desktop Computers For Sale

Seattle Laptop / Used iMac Seattle's used desktop computer inventory changes constantly! Please check out our lise on the first page of this website for gaming computers for sale, along with all other desktops we have in stock.

We carry Core2 Duo, i-5, i-7 and many AMD dual, quad, and 8 core powerful desktop computers, as well as high end gaming computers, with high end video cards, and tons of ram. We also have many custom built desktop computers too.

If you might have any questions referring to our used desktop or gaming computers for sale, call Seattle Laptop at 206-784-4215. We currently have a lot more custom desktop computers in stock than just the ones that are shown on the first page of this website. We are getting them ready to sell, and testing. Our staff will be more than happy to discuss our inventory, and what your needs might be, and we can build a custom desktop for you if you desire. Seattle Laptop can customize, upgrade, or add another hard drive to any used computer we have for sale too. We carry SSD hard drives, and can clone any hard drive to a faster SSD.

Call or stop by.

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